Overview of low-emission zones

On the map you can see an overview of all low-emission zones in Germany. The zones of Stuttgart and the Ruhr comprise multiple cities. Scroll further down for an alphabetical list of cities with a low-emission zone. At the end of this page you will also find an overview of cities with a diesel ban.

Map with all low-emission zones in Germany

Map based on this map by NordNordWest / License: CC BY-SA 3.0 / Re-use only allowed if you provide a link to www.germanemissionssticker.com

List of all low-emission zones

Below is an alphabetical list of German cities with low-emission zones. If the low-emission zone is part of the larger zones of the Ruhr or Stuttgart, this is indicated between parentheses.

Cities with a diesel ban

In addition to the requirement of an emissions sticker, some German cities have implemented diesel bans. These regulations also keep out relatively newer diesels that are eligible for a green emissions sticker. You can read more about these diesel bans on the pages of the cities concerned.

In the future more German cities may implement a diesel ban. If your vehicle is an older diesel, make sure to check this before your visit.


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