Terms and conditions

The page with terms and conditions tends to be the most boring page on most websites. But it is useful to have things clear on paper, though clear on the screen would probably be a more accurate description. The terms and conditions below all apply to the sale of the German emissions sticker through this website.

  1. Delivery of your order
  2. Paying for your order
  3. Cancelling your order
  4. Orders that cannot be processed
  5. Damaged or incorrectly printed stickers
  6. Price of the emissions sticker
  7. Complaints procedure
  8. Liability

1. Delivery of your order

According to German law (35. BImSchV) only a limited number of companies and authorities can issue the emissions sticker. Among these are car dealerships able to carry out exhaust emission tests, but also local governments and companies such as TÜV and DEKRA.

The emissions stickers sold through this website are issued by a cooperating German car dealership. This website acts as an intermediary to help people who do not live in Germany obtain a German emissions sticker. This type of cooperation has been sanctioned by the Umweltbundesamt in Berlin.

1.1 Delivery period

After placing and paying for your order, your application will usually be processed within one working day. If your vehicle is eligible, your German emissions sticker will be sent by post immediately afterwards. The delivery period depends on your country of residence. On the page with Frequently Asked Questions you can see a list of average delivery times per country.

Please note that these average delivery times are indications by Deutsche Post only. We are not responsible if Deutsche Post or the postal services in your country deliver your sticker later than the indicated delivery times. This also goes in cases of force majeure such as postal strikes or problems with the supply of the emissions sticker in Germany.

1.2 Delivery address

As a customer, you are responsible for providing a correct delivery address. A refund will not be given if you provide an incorrect address, nor will we send a new sticker to the correct address free of charge. During the order process, you have the opportunity to check and rectify your address. Once payment has been completed, your address cannot be changed anymore.

1.3 Emissions sticker not delivered

Have you paid for your sticker and provided a correct shipping address, but did you not receive your sticker? In that case you are obliged to notify us within one months of placing your order. A new sticker will then be sent free of charge.

The only exception is when an order cannot be processed. You can read more about orders that cannot be processed here. In these cases you will also receive an e-mail with more information about why your order cannot be processed.

Paying for your order

Payment of your order is handled by Mollie, a Dutch company that specializes in Internet payments. STG MOLLIE PAYMENTS will appear on your bank account or credit card statement. Possible payment options you can choose from are Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Cartes Bancaires, NEXI, Apple Pay, SOFORT Banking, SEPA Bank Transfer, Bancontact, KBC/CBC, Belfius Direct Net and iDEAL. Payment costs are included in the price of the sticker. You will not be charged additionally for using any of the payment options available.

2.1 Payment problems

If your payment fails, you will see an error message from Mollie, the payment provider we use. This usually happens when you exceed the maximum time for your payment method or when there are insufficient funds in your bank account or on your credit card. In this case your order will not be completed.

2.2 Placing an order without paying everything in advance

If you want to place an order without paying the entire amount in advance, please do not use the order form. Instead, send us a request through the contact form. You will then be able to pay half before you place an order and the other half after you receive your sticker. Keep in mind that because these orders need to be processed manually, they will take longer to complete than when you use the order form.

2.3 Receipt with proof of payment

You will receive a receipt with proof payment together with your emissions sticker. Because this website is operated from Germany, the German VAT rate of 19% applies. For business orders for which you provide a valid VAT number, VAT is reverse charged according to the VAT 2008/8/EC directive article 44.

3. Cancelling your order

Because the emissions sticker is a custom-made product, it is not possible to cancel your order. An emissions sticker issued for your license plate number cannot be used again for another customer. The 14 day cooling off period for online purchases within the EU does not apply. You can read more on this page of the website of the European Union.

4. Orders that cannot be processed

There are a few cases in which we cannot process your order. The most common case is when your vehicle is not eligible for a green emissions sticker. In that case your order will be cancelled and your money will be refunded. We kindly request you check whether your vehicle is eligible before you place your order.

Other cases in which we cannot process your order include:

In most of these cases a simple mistake has been made. You will receive an e-mail requesting you to provide additional information to complete your order. If we do not receive an answer to this e-mail, we will sent a reminder after one week. If another week later we still do not receive an answer, your order will be cancelled and your money will be refunded.

4.1 A yellow emissions sticker

As of 2019, the yellow emissions sticker can only be used in the city of Neu-Ulm in southern Germany. All other German cities with low-emission zones require the green sticker. For this reason the yellow emissions sticker cannot be ordered through the order form. If you vehicle is only eligible for the yellow sticker, your order will be cancelled.

4.2 Refund of your money

When you are eligible for a refund, your money will be refunded to the same bank account or credit card you used to pay for your sticker. Your money will be refunded within 14 days after you receive an e-mail confirming your refund. Please note that it may take up to a month before the refund appears on your credit card statement. With other payment methods, your refund should be visible in your bank account after a few working days.

5. Damaged or incorrectly printed stickers

If you receive a damaged or incorrectly printed sticker, a new sticker will be sent to you free of charge. Please reply to the order confirmation e-mail with a photo of the damaged or incorrectly printed sticker. It is your own responsibility as a customer to notify us of a damaged or incorrectly printed sticker within two months after you receive your sticker.

6. Price of the emissions sticker

The on order form indicated price of the emissions sticker includes VAT, shipping and payment costs. In the case of a business order where VAT is reverse charged, only shipping and payment costs are included in the price. Please note that prices mentioned on other pages than the order form are provisional.

7. Complaints procedure

Do you have a complaint? Please contact us and we will do our best to get back to you within one working day. If we are unable to come to a solution, the Online Dispute Resolution platform of the European Union will be used.

8. Liability

We are not liable for any indirect damage. As an example you can think of cancelling costs of your hotel when the sticker is not delivered within the indicated delivery period. The maximum liability is €12,50 per sticker or €10,50 for business orders, and only when we are unable to deliver the sticker within one month of placing your order. As a customer, it is also your own responsibility to notify us within a reasonable time and give us the opportunity to send a replacement sticker.

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