Low-emission zone in Remscheid

As of 1 January 2013, an emissions sticker is required in Remscheid. On this page you can read all about the low-emission zone of this German city. Head over to the homepage if you want to know more about the emissions sticker in general, or to this list if you want to know in which other cities in Germany an emissions sticker is required.

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Map of the low-emission zone in Remscheid

map: Umweltzone in Remscheid

The low-emission zone of Remscheid is colored orange on the map above. The zone is not very large. An emissions sticker is only required in the city center, while most residential areas lie outside the zone.

Do keep in mind that the B229 also lies inside the low-emission zone. This is the main road that connects Remscheid with Solingen west of the city and Lennep east of the city. By using the streets that form the border of the low-emission zone however, you can circumvent the need to buy an emissions sticker. These are, from west to east, the Königstraße, the Hastener Straße, the Eberhadstraße, the Elberfelderstraße, the Wansbeckstraße and the Nordstraße.

Parking outside the low-emission zone

If you need to be in Remscheid itself, you can still park outside the low-emission zone. Some good options are the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium (A on the map) or the parking lot of the Aldi supermarket (B). From here you can simply walk to the city center.

Which emissions sticker do you need in Remscheid?

The green emissions sticker

As in almost all other large German cities, it is the green emissions sticker that is required in the low-emission zone of Remscheid. If you do not have this sticker, or if you have one of the older yellow or red stickers, you risk a fine of €100.

Where to buy the emissions sticker?

The German emissions sticker can be bought all over Germany at vehicle inspection companies. Sometimes a large car dealership can also help you obtain the sticker, but the sticker is not sold at gas stations along the highway. Make sure you bring your vehicle registration certificate and check the opening hours beforehand, especially if you visit Remscheid during the weekend. In German, the emissions sticker is called Feinstaubplakette.

Order your emissions sticker

If you want to get an emissions sticker before you travel to Germany, it is also possible to buy it online. If you use the order form on our website, your sticker will be issued within one working day. Depending on the speed of the postal services and your country of residence, you will usually receive it a few days later. The required copy of your vehicle registration certificate can be uploaded together with your order.

What is there to see and do in Remscheid?


Remscheid may have more than 100.000 inhabitants, but it is not a historical city with a lot of tourist sights. Just like most other cities in the part of Germany, it has an industrial background dating back to the 19th century. If you visit Remscheid, the museums of the city do have a lot to offer though. In the Deutsches Röntgen-Museum you can learn more about Wilhelm Röntgen who was born here and invented X-rays. The Deutsches Werkzeugmuseum will teach you about industrial tools. The Müngstener Brücke, the highest railway bridge of Germany that connects Remscheid with Solingen, is also worth seeing.

Order the German emissions sticker

Order your sticker

Order the official German emissions sticker, now for only €13,95 including VAT and delivery costs.

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