Low-emission zone in Wiesbaden

The German emissions sticker is required in Wiesbaden since 1 February 2014. On this page we will explain everything you need to know about the low-emission zone of this city. If you also plan to visit other German cities, please look at our complete list of all low-emission zones. More information about the emissions sticker and which vehicles need the sticker is explained here.

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Map of the low-emission zone in Wiesbaden

map: Umweltzone in Wiesbaden

The low-emission zone of Wiesbaden is shown on the map above with orange. As you can see, there are two separate parts that form the low-emission zone of Wiesbaden. The largest part covers the city center and most residential areas, whereas another part is centered around Mainz-Kostheim to the southeast of Wiesbaden. To reach the industrial area in between, an emissions sticker is not required. Not shown on the map but also good to know, is that the city of Mainz on the other side of the Rhine river has its own low-emission zone.


As in the rest of Germany, you do not need an emissions sticker on any of the highways around Wiesbaden. These are the A66, the A643 and the A671. Of course, this rule only applies if you enter and leave the low-emission zone on the highway. If you leave the highway within the low-emission zone, a sticker will still be required.

Parking outside the low-emission zone

At the end of the A643 there is a large P+R terrain called Kahle Mühle where you can park for free and from where regular buses bring you to the city center of Wiesbaden. If you go straight from the A643 to the P+R terrain, an emissions sticker is not required. On the map its location is marked with the letter A.

Which emissions sticker do you need in Wiesbaden?

The green emissions sticker

The green emissions sticker is required in Wiesbaden. All electric vehicles, most vehicles with a petrol engine from 1992 or later and vehicles with a diesel engine from 2006 or later are eligible for this green emissions sticker.

Where to buy the emissions sticker

You can buy the German emissions sticker at vehicle inspections companies such as DEKRA or TÜV anywhere Germany. Many larger car dealerships will also be able to issue the sticker. Do not forget to take your vehicle registration certificate with you. This is necessary to determine whether your vehicle is eligible for the green sticker. Emissions stickers cannot be bought at gas stations along the highway or at tourist information points.

Order your emissions sticker

A more convenient way to buy your emissions sticker is to buy it online. A copy of your vehicle registration certificate is still required, but you can upload it during the order process. If your vehicle is eligible, the sticker will be issued within one working day and then sent to your postal address. Payment options include Apple Pay, commonly used credit card and SEPA bank transfer.

What is there to see and do in Wiesbaden?


Almost 300.000 inhabitants make Wiesbaden one of the larger German cities. It is also the capital of the state of Hessen. Tourist sights include the Schloßplatz with a large former palace and the city hall. The Kurhaus with a casino, the excellent Museum Wiesbaden and castle Biebrich are also worth visiting.

Order the German emissions sticker

Order your sticker

Order the official German emissions sticker, now for only €13,95 including VAT and delivery costs.

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