Low-emission zone in Castrop-Rauxel

Since the designation of the low-emission zone of the Ruhr area on 1 January 2012, an emissions sticker is compulsory in some parts of Castrop-Rauxel. On this page we will explain everything in more detail for you. If you need to know more about the emissions sticker itself, you can head over to the homepage. Look at this list of all low-emission zones if you will visit other cities as well.

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Map of the low-emission zone in Castrop-Rauxel

map: low-emission zone in Castrop-Rauxel

On the map above you can see the part of the low-emission zone of the Ruhr area that covers Castrop-Rauxel in orange. The northern districts of the city do not fall within the zone, which means that an emissions sticker is not necessary here. If you want to see a map of the entire low-emission zone, please look at our page about the Ruhr area.


Within the low-emission zone, there are a few exceptions where you do not need an emissions sticker. In Castrop-Rauxel these are the highways. If you enter and leave the low-emission zone on the A2, the A42 or the A45, you will not be fined if you do not have an emissions sticker. This rule not only applies to the low-emission zone of the Ruhr area, but to all zones in Germany. Emissions sticker are never required on German highways.

Parking outside the low-emission zone

If you do not have an emissions sticker but still need to reach the city center of Castrop-Rauxel, parking outside the low-emission zone is easy enough. One option is the parking lot next to the main train station (A on the map). The downside however, is that you would have to take a bus to reach the center. A better option is the small parking lot on Heinrichstraße 2 (B). From here you can easily walk to the city center.

Which emissions sticker do you need in Castrop-Rauxel?

The green emissions sticker

Just like in the rest of the Ruhr area and most German cities nowadays, the green emissions sticker is necessary to drive within the low-emission zone of Castrop-Rauxel. You will risk a fine of €100 if your vehicle does not have an emission sticker.

Availability of the emissions sticker for Castrop-Rauxel

The city of Castrop-Rauxel refers vehicle owners to companies such as DEKRA and TÜV to buy the green emissions sticker. The advantage is that if your vehicle is eligible, your sticker will be issued immediately. Ask for an Umweltplakette or a Feinstaubplakette, which are the common German names for the emissions sticker. Most gas stations do not sell the sticker.

Order your emissions sticker

If you still have some time left before you leave for Germany, an easier option is to buy the sticker online. If you order through our website, your emissions sticker will be issued and sent by mail within one working day. A digital copy or your vehicle registration certificate is necessary and can be uploaded on the order form. You can pay with your credit card, SEPA bank transfer and several other payment methods.

What is there to see and do in Castrop-Rauxel?


Photo of Castrop-Rauxel by Selisky (CC BY-SA 2.5)

Castrop-Rauxel is a former mining town in the Ruhr area. Since the last mines closed in the 1980s, recreation has been the main focus. There is a large golf course in Castrop-Rauxel and a few old coal mines can be visited. Apart from that, Castrop-Rauxel is rather boring and not a suitable tourist destination. If you visit the city, it will most likely be for business.

Order the German emissions sticker

Order your sticker

Order the official German emissions sticker, now for only €13,95 including VAT and delivery costs.

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