Low-emission zone in Siegen

The low-emission zone of Siegen was introduced on 1 January 2015. Within this zone, only vehicles with an emissions sticker are allowed. Older and polluting vehicles that are not eligible for the emissions sticker, are not allowed to enter the zone. Below you can read everything you need to know about the situation in Siegen. Look at our homepage for more about the emissions sticker itself, or look at this list of all low-emission zones if you will also visit other cities in Germany.

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Map of the low-emission zone in Siegen

map: Umweltzone in Siegen

The low-emission zone of Siegen is shown on the map above with orange. The entire city center as well as the industrial area north of the city lie within the zone. Because these parts lie in a deep valley, exhaust gas cannot easily escape which then leads to air pollution.

Good to know is that on the B62 and the part of the B54 west of Siegen, an emissions sticker is not required. Only if you enter the city itself do you enter the low-emission zone. The part of the B54 that connects Siegen with Wilnsdorf goes through the low-emission zone. To avoid having to buy an emissions sticker, you can instead take the A45 south of Siegen to travel east.

Parking outside the low-emission zone

If you do not have an emissions sticker but want to visit the city center of Siegen, the best place to park is on the other side of the train station (A on the map). There are several schools here with plenty of parking opportunities. Use the pedestrian bridge over the railroad track and you will be in the city center of Siegen within five minutes.

Which emissions sticker do you need in Siegen?

The green emissions sticker

As everywhere in the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, you need the green emissions sticker for the low-emission zone of Siegen. If you do not have the green emissions sticker, you risk a fine of €100 if caught by the police.

Where to buy the emissions sticker

The emissions sticker can be bought all over Germany, so you can also buy it before you reach Siegen. The best place to look are vehicle inspection companies, though some car dealerships authorized to perform exhaust emission tests will also issue the sticker for you. Gas stations on the highway do not sell the sticker. Make sure that you bring your vehicle registration certificate with you. It is necessary to check whether your vehicle is eligible for the emissions sticker.

Order your emissions sticker

If you still have some time left before you travel to Germany, you can also buy the sticker online. If you use our order form, the sticker will be issued within one working day and then sent to you through the postal services. The required copy of your vehicle registration certificate can be uploaded during the order process. For more information have a look at these frequently asked questions.

What is there to see and do in Siegen?


Photo of Siegen by Bob Ionescu

Siegen is a city with just over 100.000 inhabitants. The main tourists sights are two castles: the Oberes Schloss from the 13the century and the Unteres Schloss from the 17th century. Both are well preserved. Siegen also has a large university and several medieval churches.

Order the German emissions sticker

Order your sticker

Order the official German emissions sticker, now for only €13,95 including VAT and delivery costs.

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