Low-emission zone in Eschweiler

Since 1 June 2016 a German emissions sticker is required in the small city of Eschweiler, in between Aachen and Köln and not far from the border with the Netherlands and Belgium. On this page you can read everything about the low-emission zone of Eschweiler. For a complete list of all cities in Germany where you need an emissions sticker, please look at this page.

Map of the low-emission zone in Eschweiler

map: Umweltzone of Eschweiler

As you can see on the map, the low-emission zone of Eschweiler is small in comparison to low-emission zones in other cities. Only in the city center, indicated with orange, is an emissions sticker for your motorized vehicle required. The A4 and the railroad form the northern and southern ends of the zone. The shopping center with a Media Markt, Real and Lidl (A on the map) close to the A4 are not part of the zone. Neither are business parks and residential areas in the southern part of Eschweiler.


Highways are never part of low-emission zones in Germany. This means that a sticker is not required if you just pass by Eschweiler on the A4. The same goes for streets that mark the border of the low-emission zone, such as the Talstraße which can be used to reach the train station. On most major roads, the beginning of the zone is clearly indicated.

Parking outside the low-emission zone

Because the low-emission zone of Eschweiler is small, parking outside the zone is not difficult. Depending on your destination, you can either park at the shopping center with the Media Markt (A) mentioned above, or at the Penny Markt (B) on the Talstraße. The large parking terrain next to the train station (C) unfortunately falls within the zone. An emissions sticker is required here.

Which emissions sticker do you need in Eschweiler?

The green emissions sticker

The green emissions sticker is required in Eschweiler. Most electric vehicles, vehicles with diesel engines from later than 2005 and vehicles with petrol engines from later than 1992 are eligible for this sticker.

Availability of the emissions sticker for Eschweiler

The easiest way to buy your emissions sticker is to order it online, for which you can use the order form on our website. You will have to upload a copy of your vehicle registration certificate together with your application. If your vehicle is eligible, the sticker will be sent to your home address by mail. Do keep in mind that delivery times vary per country, so place your order as soon as you know you will travel to Germany.

Order your emissions sticker

Of course you can also still buy your sticker when you are on the road in Germany. Gas stations do not sell the emissions sticker, but vehicle inspection companies and most larger dealerships do. A copy of your registration certificate is necessary again. In German, ask for an Umweltplakette or Feinstaubplakette, which is what the emissions sticker is generally called in German. Do not forget to have a look at the opening times when you plan your trip. Many vehicle inspection companies in Germany tend to be closed during the weekend.

What is there to see and do in Eschweiler?


Haus Palant, one of the castles in Eschweiler, photo by Sir Gawain (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Eschweiler may not be a very large or famous city, but there is plenty to see and do especially if you like old castles. In the city center you can find the ruins of Burg Eschweiler, from which the city takes its name. Only the gates of the castle are still intact. More impressive are Burg Röthgen, Burg Weisweiler, Nothberger Burg and Haus Palant which lie around the city and for which an emissions sticker is not even required. Burg Kinzweiler and Haus Kambach are two other beautiful castles just north of Eschweiler, in the town of Kinzweiler.

Order the German emissions sticker

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