Low-emission zone in Pfinztal

In the German state of Baden-Württemberg, even small municipalities can have their own low-emission zone. Pfinztal just east of Karlsruhe is one of these. Its low-emission zone was introduced on 1 January 2010. On this page you can read everything you need to know about the situation in Pfinztal. You can find a complete list of all low-emission zones here, while on the homepage we explain more about the required emissions sticker.

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Map of the low-emission zone in Pfinztal

map: Umweltzone in Pfinztal

The low-emission zone of Pfinztal covers the entire municipality, which includes the villages Berghausen, Söllingen, Wöschbach and Kleinsteinbach. Berghausen, the largest village, is on maps often called Pfinztal even though Pfinztal refers to the entire municipality rather than just the village. As soon as you enter Pfinztal on the B10 or the B293, you also enter the low-emission zone where an emissions sticker is required.

If you do not have an emissions sticker, you risk a fine of €100. In Pfinztal there are no roads that you can take to bypass the low-emission zone, which is important to know if you want to drive from Karlsruhe to Bretten or the other way around. A better option would be to take the A8. On this highway south of Pfinztal an emissions sticker is not required.

Parking outside the low-emission zone

If you absolutely need to be in Pfinztal, but do not have an emissions sticker, you could park close to station Grötzingen Oberausstraße (A on the map). Just down the road from this station are two supermarkets with a large parking lot. At the station, you can then take the S-Bahn which stops in all villages in Pfinztal except Wöschbach.

Which emissions sticker do you need in Pfinztal?

The green emissions sticker

As everywhere in Baden-Württemberg, it is the green sticker that is required in Pfinztal. Most electric vehicles and vehicles with a petrol engine, as well as most diesels from 2006 or later are eligible for the green sticker.

Where can you buy the German emissions sticker?

The easiest way to obtain your sticker is to use the order form on our website. You will have to upload a copy of your vehicle registration certificate, but after that your sticker will be issued within one working day and sent by postal mail. Examples of vehicle registration certificates from different European countries can be found on the order page. For more information, please also look at this list of frequently asked questions.

Order your emissions sticker

If you are in Germany already, you can also buy the emissions sticker at vehicle inspection companies. Do this before you reach Pfinztal, otherwise you still risk receiving a fine. In both Karlsruhe and Bretten you will find a local branch of DEKRA. Some larger car dealerships can also help you issue an emissions sticker, but it is not sold at gas stations on the highway or at tourist information centers.

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