Low-emission zone in Erfurt

Since 1 January 2012 Erfurt is the only city in the German state of Thüringen with a low-emission zone, within which an emissions sticker is required for most motorized vehicles. On this page we will tell you more about the low-emission zone of Erfurt. Information about the emissions sticker itself can be found here. On this page we have a list of all German cities with a low-emission zone.

Order the German emissions sticker

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Map of the low-emission zone in Erfurt

map: Umweltzone in Erfurt

The low-emission zone of Erfurt, the part of the city where you are not allowed to drive without an emissions sticker, is indicated with orange on the map. As you can see, it is not only the historical city center that is part of the zone, but also residential areas such as Rieth, Ilversgehofen, Andreasvorstadt and Daberstedt. The large business parks north and northeast of Erfurt lie outside the low-emission zone. An emissions sticker is not required here.

An emissions sticker is also not needed on the roads that form the border of the low-emission zone, such as the Hannoversche Straße. The beginning of the zone is clearly indicated by signs, so there is no need to worry you will accidentally drive into a part of the city where a sticker is required.

Parking outside the low-emission zone

In case your vehicle is not eligible for the emissions sticker that is required in Erfurt, you can still park outside the zone. Some recommendations are:

  1. The fair trade grounds of Messe Erfurt.
  2. The Thüringen-Park Erfurt parking terrain.
  3. The Kaufhof supermarket parking terrain.
  4. The Staigerwaldstation parking terrain.

Unless an event is going on, all of these locations provide plenty of opportunity to park your vehicle. What makes it even better is that you can take a tram from all of these locations that brings you straight to the historical city center.

Which emissions sticker do you need in Düsseldorf?

The green emissions sticker

Only vehicles with a green emissions sticker can drive within the low-emission zone of Erfurt. If your vehicle does not have the green sticker, you risk a fine of €100. Vehicles with older yellow and red stickers are not allowed.

Availability of the emissions sticker for Erfurt

A German emissions sticker can be bought at most larger car dealerships and at almost all vehicle inspection companies such as DEKRA, A.T.U and TÜV. Please make sure that you bring your vehicle registration certificate, which is necessary to check whether your vehicle meets the required emission standard. Also buy the sticker before you drive into the low-emission zone.

Order your emissions sticker

An easier way to buy your sticker is to order it online before your trip. You will need to upload a scan or photo of your vehicle registration certificate and the emission sticker will be sent by mail to your home address. This means you will not even need to leave the house. Payment options include several credit cards and SEPA bank transfer.

What is there to see and do in Erfurt?


Erfurt has 200.000 inhabitants and is the largest city in Thüringen. The historical city center consists of narrow streets, beautiful squares and medieval buildings. The Gothic cathedral, St. Augustine’s Monastery where Martin Luther lived and the Krämerbrücke are the most important tourist attractions. The Krämerbrücke is a bridge over the river Gera with medieval houses. The Old Synagogue also deserves a visit. As the name suggests already, this is the oldest still existing synagogue of Europe.

Order the German emissions sticker

Order your sticker

Order the official German emissions sticker, now for only €13,95 including VAT and delivery costs.

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